Competition won by channing4

Your client- is a 27 year old female who loves traveling to exotic  places, and loves global design, her two favorite places for design inspiration are the Caribbean  islands and Morocco.

She lives by herself and wants a master bedroom  retreat .

IN A BEDROOM- she wants a king sized bed and a seating area for two and the rest is up to you.

Your clients  room- you can change the walls but only 1 or 2 walls of wallpaper if you plan on using it the rest should be paint please do not change the size or shape of the room

You can change the floor but  it has to be hard wood or tile NO CARPET

doors and windows must stay in the same place  but color can change

camera angle can be changed

NOTE-- This is not a real person, it is a made up competition

you can get the room template by clicking "enter comp." then "create new room" then "start from scratch" but do not go to my profile and copy it because you will not be able to enter it

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